Installing the 3CX App for iOS

To install and configure the 3CX App for iOS 10+, iPhone 5S+, iPod touch (generation 6), iPad (generation 4+)iPad Pro (generation 1+), iPad Mini 2+:

  1. Open the App Store, search for 3CX (not available in the China App Store) and tap Install.
  2. When the app is installed, open it, Agree with the License Agreement and authorize its permissions.
  3. Automatically configure the app by opening your Welcome Email and scanning the included QR code.
  4. When you see the “On Hook” message on the dial screen, you can start making calls.

Accessing the Sidebar Menu

Swipe from left to right to open the sidebar menu to easily access the 3CX App’s key functions and manage your contacts and calls:

Main Functions in Sidebar on 3CX App for iOS

  1. “Status” -  tap to set your status.
  2. “Voicemail” - access your voicemail and use the Web Client to customize Voicemail options.
  3. “Conference”create a new conference and invite participants.
  4. “Settings” - customize and configure the 3CX App options.
  5. “Scan QR Code” - scan the QR code with your device camera to auto-configure the app.

Managing Calls

Main UI Functions on 3CX App for iOS

The 3CX iOS App enables you to communicate effectively with:

  1. “Status” - browse and tap on the name of a colleague to call.
  2. “Contacts” - select a contact to view info and tap on the phone number to call.
  3. “Keypad” - directly dial numbers to “Call”.
  4. “Recents” - review call activity and tap entries on the list to call.
  5. Messages - message and exchange documents with colleagues and web visitors. Swipe left on a chat message to:
  • “Delete” - remove chat.
  • “Archive” / “Unarchive” - move a chat to and from “Archived Chats”.
  • Access the “More” menu - tap and select to “Take” ownership, “Transfer”, “Delete” or “End” a chat session with a web visitor.