Please follow this guide in order to remove the need for the department printer code to be entered after every print job on the user's device, whether this be a laptop, or PC.

First, Please hit the windows key and type printers, and click on "printers and scanners".

Once here, it should look like the this, although you may have different printers.

Find "cannon photocopier" in the drop down list, click on the cannon photocopier and  select "manage".

Once here, please select "printer properties" to access the setting needed and follow the screenshots with indications below.

Once on settings, please untick all bottom boxes and only tick the box that states "allow PIN setting". Please enter your pin as the department ID but not as a pin at the bottom. as shown below.

Click OK and on the previous screen click apply and OK. this should now be setup, it may ask you for a pin the first and second time so that it can define the user, but after which it shouldn't ask for one.