To do this, start by loading up the presentation you would like to record on google slides

Make sure that the video is working and is ready to record

click on the loom extension in the top right hand side of chrome. 

(you must have the tab you would like to record open before you click on this extension)

Once this has been clicked on, you will notice that the screen will go white and you will have a few setting to play around with.

Make sure that these settings are applied:

  • Screen + Cam has been selected
  • Changed from Full Desktop to Current Tab
  • default microphone has been set
  • Include tab audio has been highlighted

This may look slightly different for you. Don't panic! These screenshots have been taken without a webcam but the settings still apply.

After this has been configured, click start recording and you will receive a countdown. after this countdown, you will be recording.


After your recording has finished. Click the stop sign on the left hand side and you will automatically be directed to your created video. Please note that if this redirects you to internet explorer you will have to copy the link at the top of the web page and paste it into chrome.