1. Open the settings app

2. Click the arrow next to the WiFI Network

3. Click the arrow next to the WiFI Network again

4. Click the "Proxy" heading

5. Tick "Allow proxies for shared networks"

6. Click "Confirm" on the pop up box

7. Select "Manual Proxy Configuration" from the dropdown

8. Enter the following details for the "HTTP Proxy" and "Secure HTTP Proxy" boxes

Text box: surfprotect.exa-networks.co.uk

Port: 3128

9. Click save

When you disconnect from our WiFi network you will need to follow the steps above but untick the "Allow proxies for shared networks" box. If you keep it turned on your device will not work on any other WiFi networks until the proxy is turned off. If you use our WiFi network in the future you will need to turn the proxy back on using the steps above.