1. Go to office.com in a web browser and login with your school email and password

2. Click on "Forms" from the list of apps that appears

3. Under "My forms" click on "New form"

4. Click the top text and you will be able to edit it. You can add a title and a description to your form

5. Click "Add New" to add a new question. There are a few types of question:

  • Choice: Gives you the options to choose from some set answers. You can also add an "Other" option if you want users to be able to type in an option of their choosing

  • Text: This is a textbox the user can type in to. You can choose to make it a longer textbox using the "Long answer" toggle in the bottom right if you wish

  • Rating: This is where you can choose a scale system. You can choose anywhere from 2 to 10 choices and you an choose from stars or dots

  • Date: This is where you can get the user to submit a date in a calendar picker rather than a text format

  • There are a few more question types in the drop down; Ranking allows users to drag and drop the choices into an order, Likert allows for statements and options for these statements in one question and Net Promoter allows for a rating system similar to the rating answer.

With all of these question types you can set them to "Required" (Meaning the user has to fill them out to finish the form) using the toggle in the bottom right of that question. To edit a question just click on it and the fields will appear. You can use the three dots in the bottom right of question to add a subtitle/description and the green photo button to add a picture to your answer.

Using the three dots in the top right you can then click on "Settings". Under the section "Options for responses" you can then set a start date and end date on the form and you can also tick "Get email notification of each response" if you want to get notified every time someone submits a response to this form. You can then switch to the "Responses" tab at the top to see everyone who has replied.

You can then click "Forms" in the top left to go back to the Form Homepage. From here you can see all your forms and you can also duplicate them using the three dots and then "Copy".

To share your form click "Share" in the top right. By default it will be set to only people with the link and who are logged into their work account can access it. You can change this to anyone with the link if you wish.