Charging the device

To connect the charger just clip the magnet to the side. For surface laptops it is to the right of the keyboard and for Surface Pro's it is to the right of the screen.

Connecting the dock

To connect the dock just clip the dock magnet into your surface using the same magnet socket as before (Shown above), it may take a second but your surface will then connect to the network, your screens, speakers and any other USB devices connected. Your surface dock is shown below.

Changing your screen setup

Right click your desktop and click "Display settings". When you click Identify you will see a number on each screen. You can then arrange the diagram in the middle and click "Apply".


Connecting offsite

Your surface device can be used to connect offsite without using our remote access portal. Open a program called NetExtender from start menu. The server is and the domain is durring.local . your username and password are the same you use to login. Then click "Connect" and your device will work like it is at your desk. When you are finished hit "Disconnect".