First you will need to set a passcode on your device.

  1. On the iPad go to the settings app
  2. Then go to “TouchID and Passcode”
  3. You can use TouchID if you wish however you will need a passcode setup first
  4. Click “Turn passcode on”
  5. You will then be promoted to enter a 6 digit passcode. If you would prefer a 4 digit passcode click “Passcode options” and then “4 Digit Numeric Code”

Next to download apps you will need an AppleID. If you had a previous offsite iOS device you may already have an account. Is it vital that you use your work email/work AppleID and not a personal one – this way we can guarantee the recovery of the device if the device is lost of stolen. 

  1. Go to settings, then click “Sign in to iPad”.
  2. You can create “Create AppleID” if you don’t have one.

While the choice of apps is yours we recommend the following applications: Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, The Microsoft Office Suite and The Google Apps Suite. All of these will require accounts which are automatically set up with your email.