Setting up an offsite Laptop

Firstly, you will need to select the user. Once the laptop is turned on click the user named “User” in the bottom left. This is the user account you will need. 

Once you are logged in press CONTROL + ALT + DELETE and then "Change a password". You can leave the old password box blank - please enter the password of your choosing in the new password and confirm password boxes. Please note this is not linked to your computer password in school, it is entirely separate.

Please note you will need to connect the laptop to WiFi for the following stages. Click the WiFi Icon in the bottom right and then select the network and enter the password.

To setup Outlook, open Outlook and click “Next” and then “Next” with the “Yes” box. Enter your name, email and password. Outlook will then sync automatically with our mail servers and connect your account.

To use remote access please use the icon on your desktop titled DHS Remote. Log in with your school username and password (Not necessarily the password you just used for your laptop) and then select "Digital Workspace".

This will open up a connection to our remote access server. Click the "S" in the top right and then "Fit in window" to fit the remote session to the screen.