Setting up an offsite Laptop

Firstly, you will need to select the user. Once the laptop is turned on click the user named “DHS” in the bottom right. This is the user account you will need. Click “Sign In” and then click “OK”.  In the second box type a new password of your choosing. Then confirm this password in the third block. Click enter or the arrow.

Please note you will need to connect the laptop to WiFi for the following stages. Click the WiFi Icon in the bottom right and then select the network and enter the password.

Once Windows has finished its automated setup, open any office application. In the “First things first” window that appears click “Install updates only” and then ok.

To setup Outlook, open Outlook and click “Next” and then “Next” with the “Yes” box. Enter your name, email and password. Outlook will then sync automatically with our mail servers and connect your account.

For Remote access first open internet explorer (Not Microsoft Edge). Then go to the settings cog in the top right, then to internet options. Then go the tab called security. Then untick “Enable Protected Mode”.

Once you have done this please close and reopen internet explorer. After that click the link on your desktop called “DHS Remote”. Follow the prompts and click “yes”, “connect” or “allow” on any popups. Remote access will now open.