A  Privacy “check up” is available in both computer and mobile app versions at any time that you might want to reassure yourself that you are taking the right precautions.

To access this on an iPhone first open the Facebook app and click on the three lines in the bottom right hand corner. This will give you access to a variety of details regarding shortcuts and settings.  Under settings you will see Privacy Shortcuts

privacy check up on iphone

Facebook will now show you what information is held and who can see it. Don’t forget that you are not only protecting yourself from things like identity theft  but also your friends so please look at your settings very carefully.  For instance,  if your friends list is set to ‘Friends’  hackers and scammers might use this to create a cloned profile and then target everyone on that your friends list. If the scammer doesn’t know who you are friends with, then it’s virtually impossible for them to do this.

The more settings you have set to “Only Me” the more secure you will be. Your real friends will already know how to get in touch with you (or when your birthday is).