Managing privacy

To manage your privacy click on the arrow next to the question mark at the top of your Facebook page. Next click on Settings.

click on settings

The following window will open. Note this is also where you will find how to change your security.

privacy settings

Customising your privacy and choosing who you share personal information with

Your first decision is on who you would like to share your posts with. There are several options on who can see what you put there.  The default setting is Friends – this, of course, refers to your Facebook friends.  You also have the option to exclude specific people who are in the friends list but you may not know so well and don’t want to share certain things with.

Many of us know people via our other friends and the Friends of Friends allows us to share posts with them too. If you would like to only share with a select handful of people then select Specific Friends – a list of all your friends will appear and you can click on the ones that you want to share with.

Only Me - this option is for when you have written something but may not want to share it immediately. Once you are ready it is easy to change the setting to one of the Friends options.

Blocking and restricting

There is also the option to Block people. Sometimes used if, for instance, you have a friend who may be prone to inappropriate comments or who you no longer wish to share any parts of your life with. There are many options with the most common being “Block users” where you are able to type in either their Facebook name or their email address and then click block.  This option means that they will see nothing that you post nor will they have access to your page and they can’t contact you through chat or tag you in posts.


Manage blocking also gives you the option to decide who is allowed to send you messages, chat with you and allows you to stop pages from contacting you

timeline and tagging settings