If you're having trouble with your password for your Egress Account, you're able to reset your password online through our self help reset process using the following steps: 

1. Navigate to our sign in page by clicking here

2. Please click on the 'Did you forget your password?' link after failing to sign in or click on the 'Forgot Your Password?' link on the right hand side as below. 

3. Please then enter your Egress ID (your email address) and the security code shown. 

4. You will then be sent a password reset email to your email address. Please click on the first link in this email.


5. A new page will load where you will then be asking the security questions associated with your Egress Account, these answers are case sensitive and need to be entered as they were when you registered the account. Please answer these and click on continue. 

6. You will then be asked to specify your new password and then click on the 'reset password' button to save the changes. 

This will then reset your password for your Egress Account.