To use Outlook with Gmail you will need to setup 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA means that every time you login on a new device it will send a notification/text/phone call to verify this is you.

1. Firstly sign into your Gmail account (Visit in your web browser)

2. Then go to Settings (Top right cog) (And then settings from that menu).

3. Choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab (Along the top).

4. Under IMAP Access: select Enable IMAP

5. Save Changes button

6. If you already have an account in Outlook then go to Outlook , then File , Add Account. If you do not launch Outlook for the first time.

7. Enter your google email address into the box and click "Connect"

8. Visit and login

9. Click Security on the left 

10. On the "Signing in to Google" panel, click 2-Step Verification

11. It will ask you for a phone number. Enter the phone number and then choose text or phone call. This number cannot be seen by anyone so if you would like to access your google account outside of the school we recommend this is your personal number 

12. Google will then guide you through the setup process

13. After you have enabled 2 Factor Authentication go back to the Google My account page (Mentioned Above) and click Security again.

14. Under "Signing in to Google" click app passwords

15. Under "Select app" select "Custom" and then type a name to remember this device. We recommend something along the lines of "Outlook (School Office PC)".

16. Click generate. Copy the password in the yellow box. When promoted for a password in Outlook enter this password instead of your Google Password.