If you are using a desktop PC please follow the following steps. 

Please click the Accounts tab > Dinner Top Up 

Below ‘Accounts’ you will be able to find your child’s name listed here. If you have more than one child at different schools, they will also be listed here. Once you have selected who you need to top up for, you can type in an amount to top up as shown below:

Please remember that this will only add money to the account, this is not for the number of meals you would like.

When you are in the Checkout section, you will be able to choose a payment method.

On Android & iOS Devices you will need to go to your relevant App Store and download the app called "ParentMail". Once downloaded you will need to login with your email and password. From there go to the shop tab and then look for "Dinner Top-Up". From there you can continue to your basket and then checkout using the payment method you choose.

In some cases our till system will not match a student with a parent's ParentMail account, which will cause the dinner top-up to not appear. In this case please contact the IT Servicedesk using the details below and it can be manually added. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

If you have any further queries you can raise a ticket with the IT Servicedesk by emailing cashlesscatering@durring.com at any time. Once an email is received it will be automatically assigned to a member of the IT Services team who can then look into your request and/or forward it on to the correct party. You will receive any replies to this request by email.