There may be a few reasons why the audio is not playing correctly. Please check the following before contacting IT Services.

  • Your Windows sound is turned up: To do this click the audio/speaker icon in the bottom right of your screen. You may need to click the up arrow before you will see the audio/speaker icon. Double check the volume level is turned up on this slider.

  • Your programs audio sound is turned up: Some programs such as VLC or Windows Media Player have a separate volume control. Although the volume control is located in different places on different programs, it will usually be in the bottom taskbar of the program. Some web apps like YouTube have their own sliders too.
  • Check that the audio cable is connected to the PC: This cable usually has green ends (Picture on the left) and/or is plugged into a green port on the back of your computer (The middle picture). Please note the location of the port can vary from PC to PC. On older HP desktops (With a shiny front) it is located in the position shown below. On newer HP desktops it is usually at the top and isn't coloured. Instead there will be the following icon by it (Picture on the right) indicating this is the audio out port.

  • Check that the audio cable is plugged into the wall socket: On some boards that have built in speakers the audio connector is on the wall panel. The wall panel is usually white and has connection for your interactive board and your projector input (Like the picture below). The port may not be labelled or it may have "Audio" or "AUX" written below it. On some boards there may not be a wall connector. In this case you might have to look behind or under the speaker to see where the audio lead connects.

Related image

  • Check the volume on the speakers is turned up: Some speakers usually have a volume knob on one of them to control volume from the speaker. This speaker knob can vary from speaker to speaker however they are usually located on the right speaker.