1. Navigate to the Durrington High School website

2. Click the ConnectVLE icon in the top right.

3. Enter your username and password into the login fields. Your ConnectVLE login will be the same as your login for the school computers.

4. Click the 'Rewards & Expectations' tab at the top of the page.

5. Search for the student in the box that appears. Once the student is listed click on their name.

6. When that student appears in the list you can then click on the badge you would like to reward them with. You can award the following badges:

Book icon: This is the consistently good homework badge.

Tick icon: This is the perseverance badge.

Arrow icon: This is the excellent achievement badge.

7. Once you have selected a badge, click that badge's icon. Then click 'Assign Badges'.

8. In the following field double check the information and click 'Yes'. That badge has now been assigned to that student.