If you wish, you can access your documents and the school “desktop” when away from the school. You will need to have an Internet connection to do so.

Signing into Remote Access

  1. Use the respective link for your School
    Durrington High School - https://dhs-rds.itservices.dmat.education
    The Laurels Primary School - https://tlps-rds.itservices.dmat.education
  2. Enter your school provided username and password. This page may vary slightly depending on schools.

  3. If connecting for the first time, you will be required to setup an authentication method. For this you can install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smart phone.
    When on the app, press the + button in the top right, thenadd a work account, and it will let you scan a QR code with the camera, this will then link your account. There will now be an option called 'dhs-rds...' there will be 6 numbers under this, or you can click on it to focus the one option. The passcode only last for 30 seconds and will cycle so be quick when entering the code. Put this code in the browser and verify. (You will only need to setup authentication once, afterwards, you will just need to load up the app on your mobile device and input the code it gives you when logging on)
  4. After setting up two-factor authentication and verifying your account you will be shown the following page;

    Here, you want to select the option 'Remote Access' - This will load up a separate tab with the remote desktop on it. You can use this as you would your computer at school, able to access all your documents and applications.

Fitting Remote Access to screen

  1. Click the "S" Shield
  2. Select Full Screen

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

All staff are reminded that the ICT acceptable use policy is applicable when using the network remotely and that you must logoff as you would in school. Failure to logoff properly could limit your access at a later date as the system will think you are still logged on from before. 


SIMS and school emails must not be left open or used for anything apart from educational purposes at any time including when accessed remotely.