1. Open the settings app and click on the Wi-Fi tab located towards the top of the settings menu

2. Click the network named "DHS WiFi"

3. Click "Continue" in the popup box that appears

If no popup box appears within 10 seconds navigate to your preferred internet browser and enter into the address bar "www.durringtonhighschool.co.uk". You will then be redirected to the page shown below.

4. Enter your login information. This will be the username and password you login to the computers and Microsoft Office with

5. Once you click 'Sign in' the following will appear. Click 'Allow' in this popup box. If the popup box does not appear, click the home button and open your preferred browser. From there enter into the address bar 'www.durringtonhighschool.co.uk'. Once the page has redirected type in your credentials again and click 'Sign In'

6. In the following window that opens click install in the top right hand corner. You may need to enter your phones passcode before this window will appear

7. Your account will now be linked to your device. Next open your Wi-Fi menu from within the settings app and click the information icon to the right of the 'DHS WiFi' network. Then click on 'Configure Proxy' at the bottom of the list of options.

8. Click 'Manual' out of the three options. In the following box that appears enter the following:

Server: surfprotect.exa-networks.co.uk

Port: 3128

Authentication: Off