Log into ABTutor (double click the desktop icon and use the password “ teacher  “, you may need to click Find to show all available devices, then click Connect.

You will now see a list of PC’s you have access to(similar to the below)

If any policies are currently applied they will be listed under the policy column

To view available Policies click on the down arrow on the Policies button on the top toolbar.


If you select a policy with TEMP in its description this will automatically come off if you log out of ABTutor or overnight, any others will be a permanent block and will need to be removed as follows.

You can right click against the applied policy, then Clear all policies (any that are applied to that PC) or clear the named policy you want to remove. If the icon disappears you have successfully removed the policy.


To apply a policy select/highlight the required PC(s), click the down arrow on the Policies button and select the required policy, repeat as necessary.