Web Interface            

Your new  Web App address is:            


You can share these sites with staff and students for them to be able to search the catalogue.       



Database Connection            

Accessit database hosted on                dbuk2.accessit.online (IP            

Outbound TCP                port 2731  



Installing the Local Accessit Management App             

The library staff will require the full Management Application of Accessit Library to be installed. Modules such as Accessit Borrower Synchronisation need to have Accessit on the computer that is running.            

We recommend that the Accessit Management App is installed on your local library computers, and we are happy to assist in loading the client onto any computer you wish for it to run.            


Once the Accessit Management App is installed, please apply the attached config file specific for your school. Simply over-ride the AIS_cfg.properties file found in your ...\Accessit\lib folder once the management application has been loaded. This will need to be placed on all computers running the full Accessit Management App after the application has been installed.            


You can download the Accessit Management App at the following location:            




Once installed, Accessit Integration with these components will need to be checked and configured in order to function properly: 

    * Accessit's SMTP configuration with your email server            

    * Accessit's Proxy configuration with your proxy server (if used)            

    * Accessit's Borrower's Synchronisation with your Student Management System (automated import)   

    * Accessit's Single Sign On configuration    

    * Check the connection to Z39.50 servers