If you have created a Google Account using your school/trust email address in the past, when you try to log in Google will tell you there is a “Conflicting Account” and that you need to take care of it. To continue using your School/Trust-provided mailbox, select “Organisation Google Apps Account” at the following screen: 

After you select “Individual Google Account”, it will ask for a password. This is the password you used when you signed up for a Google account; We have no ability to reset this password. After logging in, you will be presented with two options:

Option 1: Create a new @gmail.com address, and tie your existing data to the new gmail address. This will be the most common solution to the conflict. If you do not have any data on the old, personal Google Account, you can safely abandon this account after creation.

Option 2: Tie existing data to a non-Gmail, non-School/Trust email account such as Yahoo or Hotmail. If you have a personal account that meets this criteria, you may use that account as your personal Google Account going forward. Conflicting account problems cannot be solved by DMAT ITS; because it is a personal Google Account, the individual users must resolve the conflict.