If you want to watch a reflection you recorded or has been shared with you

If you are the teacher of the IRIS Session and want to share it with additional people

Anyone you shared the reflection with to watch live will automatically have access to watch it back any time using the guide below. To add additional people to the IRIS recording please do the following.

Common questions

It says processing

Once a recording has finished IRIS will sync with the IRIS Connect cloud as well as some internal systems here at Durrington High School. This can take a while as it has to upload 1 or 2 video streams, audio stream and sync them together. This should only take 2 hours maximum. If it has been longer and it still processing you can contact the IT Servicedesk.

It says no Media ready to stream

This means that although the reflection has ended it hasn't been uploaded to the IRIS Cloud. This is usually because IT Services have not collected the device yet, they will trigger the upload to the IRIS Connect cloud when they pickup the device.

The reflection isn't there

This usually happens when the teacher has not shared the reflection with you. Please get the teacher to refer to the section titled "If you are the teacher of the IRIS Session and want to share it with additional people" further above in this article.

It says software not detected

You may have an orange bar at the bottom asking to run the "AXIS Media Control SDK". Click allow, this is the back-end software what allows you to view the reflection.