Starting the recording/streaming

Firstly make sure you have setup the IRIS session/booking. Please refer to this article on how to setup a booking. Once it is nearer the time the IRIS kit will be brought to you. 

  • On the iPad with a blue case (The primary iPad) unlock the device (Press the home button) and open the IRIS Connect app. 
  • You will now see a green bar with the name of your reflection. This is the booking you have created. If you don't see it make sure you are within 10 minutes of your booking starting and the booking is scheduled for the right time on the IRIS Connect webpage.
  • Click the green bar. Here you will need to enter your password. It will pickup your email automatically.
  • If you wish to have two angles you can click dual and follow the steps below. If not click "Single" and go to step 5.
    • Unlock the secondary iPad (Green one) and open the IRIS Connect app.
    • Click "Pairing" in the top right
    • On the blue iPad there will now be a device called "iPad Green" listed. Click it.
  • Now place the device(s) in position around the room. They record with their front camera so the view you see on the iPad is the view you will get when watching live or when watching it back.
  • Unlock the blue iPod and open the IRISConnect app. Wait until the bar at the top says "Connected to camera". On the blue iPad the green circle on the middle right will now say "External Mic". This means it is now recording the iPod. Clip the iPod to you making sure the microphone with the clip is attached near your mouth (But not too close. We recommend taking your badge off so you don't hear it banging in the mic.
  • Click "Start" on either iPad. The screen will go black. This is normal. It will now be recording and streaming live to whoever you shared it with.
  • Click "Stop" when you are finished.
  • Click Save and Upload.

You can now refer to our guide on how to watch an IRIS Session back / Share it (