Important Foreword: You will need to book IRIS before you schedule a reflection. Please contact the IT Servicedesk with the details below. They will then confirm the device, time and place.

Logging into IRIS Connect

We recommend you do this before the time to make sure everything is working and setup. Firstly you will need to make sure you have an IRIS Connect. If you have used the platform before you can login with this link ( or reset your password with this link ( If you have never used IRIS Connect you will need to contact the IT Servicedesk by emailing who can then create an account for you.

Creating the reflection (Page 1)

Firstly go the IRIS Connect webpage ( and click "Reflections" at the top. Then click "New Reflection". From here you will need to fill out the following details:

  • Reflection title: This will be the name of the reflection. We recommend naming it something like "ROOM PERIODNUMBER DATE YOURNAME" so that you and people watching it know which one it is.
  • Room number: This is the room number/name in case you need to search by room name. This can be blank.
  • Reflection type: You will need to click the orange button/circle. From there click "Invite a colleague to reflect on my practice" and type another staff members name in. Then click their name.

If the staff member doesn't appear they won't have an IRIS Connect account. Contact the IT Servicedesk with the email at the top of this article. Do not create the reflection until their account has been created and you can select their name from the dropdown.

Then click next.

Creating the reflection (Page 2)

You will now have to select the device and the time. IT Services will have confirmed the device and time when you booked it (See the top of this article). Select the camera system from the dropdown (Most commonly: PEGGIE or Discovery Kit Static). You can ignore the dropdown asking you to select a save location. You can then adjust the slider on the right to book a time slot. Where possible we recommend selecting a time 5 minutes before your lesson and end it 5 minutes afterwards. Click the green create button. You can then refer the person watching the live IRIS reflection to the following article (

Common Questions

It says the device is booked out

This means the device is in use by someone else at this date/time. Make sure you have confirmed your booking with the IT Servicedesk. If you have confirmed it and are still getting this error please contact the IT Servicedesk.

The person viewing the live reflection did not get an invitation

This person viewing the live reflection would have received an email invitation. If they don't have the email anymore they can refer to the following article on how to accept the invitation via the IRIS Connect dashboard (

It says waiting for video

This means the device booking is not active yet. This is normal, due to GDPR laws as well as DMAT's Privacy Policy the IRIS kit will not record unless confirmed on the device and the device is booked out.

Do I share it with people viewing it live and people viewing it afterwards 

No. You will only share the reflection with the people watching it live. After the reflection has finished you can share it with whoever you would like.