Logging into IRIS Connect

Firstly you will need to make sure you have an IRIS Connect. If you have used the platform before you can login with this link (https://europe.irisconnect.com/sign_in) or reset your password with this link (https://europe.irisconnect.com/forgot_password). If you have never used IRIS Connect you will need to contact the IT Servicedesk by emailing itservices@dmat.education who can then create an account for you.

Accepting an invitation

The teacher in the classroom with IRIS Connect will have set up a reflection already. A reflection is the video stream from the IRIS Connect device. When they shared it you would have got an email asking you to accept it. If you disregarded the email you can login to the IRIS Connect platform and you will be placed onto your dashboard. If you aren't click "Home" at the top. Here you will see the invitation in the list. Click the tick button highlighted below. Then click the "Open" below.

Common errors

I don't have any invitations

This means that the teacher using IRIS did not share the reflection with you. They will need to login to their IRIS Connect dashboard and share it.

It says waiting for video

This means that the teacher using IRIS did not start the recording/stream yet. The will need to use the guide left with them on how to start the session.

It says recording software not detected

Please make sure you are using internet explorer and not Google Chrome. Although recorded playback works with Google Chrome, live streams only work in internet explorer due to the add-on. You may have an orange bar at the bottom asking to run the "AXIS Media Control SDK". Click allow, this is the back-end software what allows you to view the stream.

IRIS is telling me I need a microphone to go live

Please connect a pair of headphones with a microphone. The class and teacher will not hear what you are saying.

I cannot hear anything

Please make sure the teacher is wearing the microphone given to them and is clipped to them. Please also refer to our guide on checking audio devices (https://ithelpdesk.dmat.education/support/solutions/articles/43000051354-troubleshooting-audio-issues).