1. Click the SIMS.NET Icon on your desktop or search for "Sims" within the start menu

2. Login to SIMS using your SIMS login (Not always the same as the login you use you logging in to a school PC)

3. You will now be presented with the SIMS dashboard. Click the reports tab in the top menu bar

4. In the menu that appears click "Timetables" and then "Room Timetable(s)"

5. In the window that appears you can choose the following:

  • Effective Date: This is the date you are viewing the room timetable for. By default this will be today's date however you can click the first icon next to it to change the date. If you change the date make sure to click the 'Refresh' button to update the listing
  • Search by code: This is where you can put in the room number to sort the results rather than scrolling through the list. Room codes are the room number with the exception of some areas for example: Courts (CRTS) and Boulevard Center (B/Cn)
  • Available rooms: This is a list of all the rooms you can choose from

6. Once you have selected a room by clicking on it in the left list click the top arrow button. The room will now appear on the right. Then click the 'Ok' button

7. The room's timetable will now load. You can choose to save or print this timetable using the buttons in the top left. (NB: The image below appears blurred: This is for privacy reasons and your output will not be blurred.)

8. To save you will need to click 'Export', then 'Use a predefined layout (Room Timetable)' (Should be automatically selected). Then click 'Save to file' and then click the "..." icon and choose a folder location. Then click 'Ok'